The Seer and The Prince

by Ryan Yunck

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She'd been born with a gift:
a sight into the future's pages
But this gift was a curse,
for she saw things she could not change

And her father was killed
by a noble boy whose face was hooded
But she swore her revenge,
for she'd foreseen a day when she could

"Rest in silence and let it be
Waste in silence or be released"

And The Prince had been told
of a man who would cause his undoing
When he spoke to The Seer
and she offered this advice:

She said, "Fear is the knife that cuts away a thousand futures.
The pain and the strife will lead you to a day when you could

Rest in silence and let it be
Waste in silence or be released"

And his sleep had been troubled for months
with the visions of what he had done
And the fear that someday soon, he'd pay the price

So he summoned The Seer to his hall
in the hours beyond nighttime's fall
And for the second time, they met face-to-face

"Though she offers me words of relief..."
"Though he seems unaware of my grief..."
"Somehow, I am sure: the day has come"

"Will I rest in silence and let it be?
Waste in silence or be released?"

And as the smoke cleared, The Prince's body fell to the ground;
The Seer would live to see another day
But there was someone just outside the door,
watching on in horror as The Prince was slain:
The sister who would vow to take her vengeance on
the one who stole her brother's life
And as she swore her revenge, the cycle it went on:

The curse of The Seer and The Prince


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Ryan Yunck Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ryan Yunck makes music that sits somewhere between a soundtrack and a musical

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